The Reason I Don't Do Nutrition Coaching


I lost over 145 lbs, but I rarely talk about food.

I know it’s strange, right? I eat a very clean diet and paused progression of my chronic illness through it, I have a certification from the worlds largest nurtition school, AND I love to cook!

So, what’s the deal?

Ok - I’m gonna tell you… but first, I have to be real with you. Food will heal you. It’s an incredible medicine, a natural source of fuel, and it can make you feel happy and whole with each bite.

But, food can only be the answer for you if you’re willing to change what you’re eating. And NO ONE wants to talk about that.

When I meet with my clients, it seems clear that they don’t want to change what they eat. They know what’s healthy and what’s not. In fact, I’ve never had a client that hadn’t been on some sort of diet before meeting with me and they have all the right knowledge, they just don’t put it to practice.

What they’re missing is brain training. And that’s where I come in.

I don’t really talk about food because even though food will heal you, health and healing don’t come from food. Health and healing come from getting yourself to make the actionable changes necessary to heal your body.

If you’ve struggled with food and eat the things you know you shouldn’t - something else is going on here. This isn’t about food anymore, it’s about how you’ve trained your brain.

Seriously. You’re basically a computer and your brain is your hard drive. Whatever you tell your brain is your truth, it translates to code and sends that message along your neuropathways, telling your body how to act.

Those responses become stronger and stronger the more you use them, which is why it can be so tough to break a bad habit, but there are exercises to rewire and overcome those responses.

If this is something that interests you and you want to learn more, message me or look into neuroplasticity for yourself. I certainly didn’t make brain training up, but I’m excited to be able to use it with clients and on myself to design the life I want to live.