Do I Deserve It?

Most of the parents I know do whatever they can to make the best life for their child.

They work crazy hard to make sure that kid has a better life than they did.

More opportunity, more success.

But if you think about it, that collective desire to enhance the experience for the next generation isn't something that comes from just our parents (or even grandparents).

This understanding has been passed down for the entirety of human kind and is part of our foundational make up.

It's amazing to think about.

Our entire family line has been working tirelessly for each new generation to have a better life.

Every new child pushes the next generation a little bit further and now, here you are, with all this opportunity and centuries of support from your ancestors.

After all their hard work,

Imagine if they heard you were filled with self doubt and insecurity.

Imagine if they knew you didn't go after your passion out of fear.

Imagine if they knew you didn't love yourself.

There has been a lot of time, energy and work put into creating a positive life for you.

Find gratitude in that and remember that you are absolutely capable of harnessing and manifesting that energy into a positive wonderful life filled with love, happiness, and success.

It is not about whether or not you deserve it, 

it's about whether or not you're willing to step out of your shame and into the power that has been building for you since the beginning of existence. 

What you do now is just the tip of the iceberg.

Love & light,

Carolyn Rachel