Is Weight Loss Really Your Goal?

I’ve never been this happy. What a shame that I didn’t put the work into myself before.

Think about WHY you want to lose weight, why you need to get healthier, and then work towards that goal. 

I wanted to lose weight because I wanted to be thinner. I wanted to be thinner because I was told it would make me more attractive, more successful, and as a result of that, I would be happier.

See? My goal wasn’t weight loss. It was to feel happy.

Weight loss was simply the vehicle I needed to get me to the goal. Of course, my car takes nutrition and fitness to get it moving but eventually, I find myself stalled out, lost, and feeling desperate. 

I get frustrated but stay the course. Shoving food and exercise down into the gas tank but since I don’t realize that I’m not going to weight loss land and if I don’t know that I need to end up at happiness city, how will I ever know how to get there?

So if you have the fuel, the ability, and you’re still feeling stuck, look at the big picture. Are you stressed? Are you angry? Are you depressed? Your feelings are the speed bumps, pot holes, and road blocks to life and if you can’t get through them, you’ll never be able to reach your final destination.

I want you to reach your true destination like I have. Stop making weight loss your goal and let it simply be your ride.